About us

Neighborly thinks that you deserve to know about the products you choose to bring into your home - who made it, where was it made, what was it made from, how was it made - to know that no one or nothing was harmed in the process, nor that it's going to harm you! Neighborly chooses to work with suppliers that are making products themselves or have a direct relationship with their manufacturers, that are using eco-friendly materials, and that are transparent about their processes. Very often we find these makers right here in Chicago or the Midwest, our products don't have to travel very far!

Also guided by our love for excellent design, you'll notice that all the products at Neighborly fit a particular style inspired by the Mid-century Modern era - colorful, graphic, simple, approachable and thoughtfully functional. We've hand selected goods for living, working, entertaining, playing and decorating to help you create a comfortable, happy and interesting home.

Jenny Beorkrem is the owner and boss lady at Neighborly. Trained as a graphic designer, in 2007 she designed and started selling typographic neighborhood maps of cities which she sells online under the moniker "Ork Posters" at orkposters.com and at many boutique gift and frame stores around the country. She opened Neighborly in 2012 as a result of the desire to connect people with all the other independent artisans like herself that she's discovered since starting Ork Posters. Neighborly's mission to support independent artists and makers is ingrained in our ethos because it is our life too.